Pascoe Gallery


Pascoe Gallery, a prominent art gallery located in Miami, is renowned for its dedication to high-quality African ceramics. Despite its recognition in the traditional art world, the transition to e-commerce was not mirroring the same success. After partnering with several agencies, the disparity between their offline success and online e-commerce performance was evident.

The Problem

  • The e-commerce channel was not matching up to their offline reputation, even though they offered high-ticket items (starting at +500USD).
  • After collaborating with multiple agencies, they couldn't effectively scale their online account.
  • There was a disconnect between the perceived value of their artworks and how they were presented online.

The Solution

With a strategic focus and a deep understanding of African ceramic art, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Launched an intensive creative testing campaign on Facebook and Instagram to pinpoint what resonated most with their audience.
  • Utilized UGC (User Generated Content) and Inspirational Ads to emotionally connect with customers and showcase the intrinsic value of the pieces.
  • Shared ad IDs to generate social proof, strengthening credibility and connection with the audience.
  • Conducted copywriting tests to effectively communicate the essence and value of the artworks.
  • Tested various landing pages, incorporating behind-the-scenes content featuring African artists, providing an authentic and unique perspective.
  • Implemented marketing automation with Klaviyo, optimizing customer interactions and boosting conversions.
  • Developed omnichannel sale campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and effective customer experience at all touchpoints.
  • Introduced the "Featured pieces of the month" concept, highlighting and promoting select pieces each month to attract and retain customer interest.


With these solutions in action, we successfully scaled Pascoe Gallery's account from 3,500USD to over 30,000USD a month, transforming their online presence and solidifying their standing as market leaders in African art.

Always ready to push the boundaries, especially when it comes to our own platform, we used our analytical eye to create a site that was visually engaging and also optimised for maximum performance. It also perfectly reflects the journey we’ve been through during these years. Let’s still consider it pretty much like a work in progress as we have yet to release plenty of case studies from product design to other digital campaigns, through more experiences, but we can now draw a line in the sand with this new milestone.

Increase of convertion rate
Increase of user retaintion time
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