Nexus University - Higher ED

Nexus University is an online Miami University that offers Nursing and Business School Programs.

Before working with SB8 Group, Nexus could not generate as much SQL as needed. Significant drop-offs in the marketing and sales funnel resulted in poor performance.

SB8 Group decided to qualitatively see what prospected students' most significant objections were: pricing, online options, and accreditations. By using that info and also targeting URLS and behavioral actions, they were able to lift conversion rates by 45% and another %392 in applications.

Nexus University partnered with SB8 Group in an effort to effectively and efficiently create campaigns to target and generate leads for their vast array of programs.. With SB8 best practice of creating granular Omnichannel Campaigns, the partnership was a perfect match. Within the first year of working together, SB8 Group was able to help to increase Nursing program applications x392 and break almost all previous records

How we did it:

  • Prequalifiers
  • Granural program campaign build-outs
  • Continual AD Creatives/ copy A/B Testing
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Context Based Targeting
  • Breadcrumb Technique
  • FAQ Objection Usage

Increase of convertion rate
-45% CPA
Increase of user retaintion time
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